Member of the International Dance Council (CID)-UNESCO, France & the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA), USA



CMTAI was co-founded by Tripura Kashyap & 4 other movement therapists, Reetu Jain, Manju Verma, Nishtha Agarwal and Nilima Sil, in Delhi on March 29th 2014.  CMTAI serves as a platform for knowledge-sharing, practice, networking and promoting the interests, education, research and benefits of CMT to all segments of society – children, adolescents, adults and the elderly with & without therapeutic needs and issues.

In this context, CMTAI conceives and creates forums (like conferences, retreats, seminars and workshops to bring together professionals, students, beneficiaries and supporters of creative movement therapy (CMT), from across the Indian sub-continent.

Currently, CMTAI is legally registered under Section 8 (formerly section 25 of the companies Act) – We are in the process of applying for the 12A status. CMTAI is a member of Conseil International de la Danse (CID, Paris & the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA).

Brief summary of our activities:

Certification Courses – We offer annual certification courses in Creative movement therapy (230 hours + 72 hour internship), in Delhi and in Bangalore.  On an average, there are 15-22 students in each course. This course is certified by CID-Unesco (Paris) – (goes from basic to level 3 certification). Artsphere in collaboration with CMTAI, also conducts the Dance Therapy Certificate Course, in Pune. CMTAI has also conducted four 60 hours courses at the Christ University, Bangalore and at Zorba, the Buddha in Delhi.

International Annual Conference – We had two highly successful conferences on dance therapy in Delhi (Nov 2014), and in Bangalore (Nov 2015), with 61 and 104 paid participants, respectively.  In addition, we had a total of 25 guest expert-facilitators (dance therapists from India & abroad) and the CMTAI team presenting at both conferences.

Knowledge Exchange Retreat – In July 2015, we held an invitation-only knowledge and skills exchange retreat (the first of its kind) for creative arts therapists across India.  Held in Goa,  21 facilitators shared and exchanged their expertise across disciplines of drama, music, dance and visual art therapies, through lecture demonstrations/ experiential workshop format.  Our second exchange retreat will be held in Cherai, Cochin in July 2016.

Lecture Demonstrations – have been facilitated by the CMTAI team at national and international conferences, festivals and seminars in Delhi and Bangalore at Colleges, Universities, Rotary clubs, Hospitals, Psychotherapy centers and Dance organizations.

Projects/Workshops – Over 200 projects/workshops have been conducted over the last two years by CMTAI team members and/or CMTAI affiliates (i.e. students, collaborators, etc.), for trainers, facilitators and therapists, who work with populations/sectors such as special needs, treatment/rehabilitation centers, hospitals, educational institutions, corporates, etc.

Creative Dance and Movement therapy as a primary and adjunctive intervention – ongoing sessions are being facilitated by CMTAI team members with mentally ill adults, visually impaired children, women’s groups, children with autism and other special needs, the elderly population, normal functioning children and adults as well as corporate professionals.

Monthly open workshops have been organized by CMTAI in Bangalore and Delhi as part of which,  dance, music, drama and visual arts therapists, from India and abroad were invited to facilitate workshops in their respective disciplines for independent professionals across India, working in schools, hospitals, de-addiction centers, special schools, treatment, rehabilitation and other settings.

Newsletter/Journal – We have issued three editions of our E-newsletter and are in the process of switching to an E-Journal on dance therapy (which came about from the knowledge exchange retreat).  The goal is to make this journal a medium for dance therapists and other expressive arts therapists to publish their work/research and to continually learn about what’s currently unfolding in the field, in the Indian and global context.  The E-Journal is being brought out in collaboration with Artsphere, Pune.

Memberships – We have organizational and individual members who get a variety of benefits such as subsidized fees for workshops, certification course, annual conference, etc. We have reached a membership of around 40 individual and 3 organizational members.

To conclude, we are in the process of constantly growing, contributing and learning. We shall continue to create opportunities for skill development, networking, reaching out to varied communities, producing events, annual conferences, retreats, workshops, meet-ups, study groups, research and consultancies for the society at large.

CMTAI wishes the formulation of the Indian art therapy association all the very best with flying colours of great success.  We look forward to collaborating with IATA in future – to explore linkages between movement and art therapy and to share this linkage through cross-art therapy workshops for facilitators, teachers, therapists and social workers and to promote the overall idea of therapeutic benefits of the arts in India.



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